Market Garden Manager

Market Garden Manager Job Description

Reports to: Owners of Renaissance Farms

Job Summary

The Market Garden Manager is primarily responsible for the complete operation of the Farm production market garden. The Garden Manager works closely with the Farm owners who provide the strategic oversight for the entire farm operation which the Market Garden is one part of. The manager will be responsible for management, planning and control of the Farm’s garden operations from garden preparation through quality harvest and product delivery and sales.

Essential Functions

  • Design and implement systems to efficiently manage labor, equipment, and greenhouses
  • Work with owners and to prepare grow plan
  • Propose creative solutions to garden problems
  • Work closely with owners and farm team to produce the highest quality crops and plants
  • Follow and document grow plan
  • Conduct and manage all field preparations
  • Maintain proper records of full plant life cycle including planting and harvest dates and yield for future analysis
  • Generate accurate plant survey and forecast
  • Inspect farm buildings and equipment, making sure routine maintenance is carried out and repairs made when necessary
  • Become proficient in processing of harvest
  • Supervise crop harvesting and packing
  • Attend Farmers Markets on behalf of Farm and work to increase sales
  • Deliver products to Farm restaurant customers
  • Help in quality control
  • Train and supervise garden workers
  • Seek and attend local or online training for continuing education to grow professionally and add knowledge for future production
  • Comply with all safety requirements

Job Requirements

  • Farm management experience, small-scale, sustainable agriculture with organic production desired
  • Knowledge of seeding, transplanting, weed control, irrigating, harvesting, packaging and selling broad range of vegetables
  • Mechanical knowledge and care of small engine agricultural equipment and tools
  • Ability to prepare periodic written reports and plans
  • Ability to manage assets – equipment, labor
  • Ability to budget, program, manage, schedule resources
  • Results oriented manager
  • Ability to interact successfully with employees
  • Ability to plan ahead and to look at the whole picture


  • Manage greenhouse plants that are needed by both garden and retail sales which includes watering, fertilizing, potting, propagating (seed and vegetative), pruning potted plants, and weeding pots
  • Ordering seeding material as needed per plan and emerging greenhouse needs
  • Oversee greenhouse watering schedule and adjust for plants needs and seasons
  • In charge of greenhouse supplies
  • Training and overseeing seasonal greenhouse workers
  • Greenhouse maintenance, includes proper sanitation and building upkeep
  • Knowledge of nursery plants and various characteristics of them and their needs
  • Schedule seeding to meet transplant and harvest needs
  • In charge of bed preparation including mowing and tilling
  • Managing transplanting of plants to meet growing plan and observing garden rotational requirements
  • Responsible for garden weed control
  • Make sure garden plants are well cared for which includes pruning and keeping them in good health
  • Make sure garden beds are amended and maintained per garden fertility plan
  • Manage garden harvesting including washing, packing and composting waste
  • Perform any needed equipment maintenance, including walk behind tractor maintenance
  • Perform mowing, mower maintenance, and weed whacking
  • Purchase garden related supplies
  • Supervising farm employees, which includes keeping up on employment regulations
  • Interacting with owners and other workers
  • Maintain daily and weekly plan of farming activities
  • Meet with owners to plan crop development as needed


  • Can hire and fire employees within the garden employment budget. Must notify owners in each instance, collaboration with owners is preferred
  • Will have budget to use in purchasing garden supplies.

Hours and Work Days

  • 35 to 40 hours per week with occasional overtime during peak farm activity
  • Two days off each week
  • Vacation Time is not paid, timing of absence is negotiable


  • Hourly rate starts at $20 and increases with experience and training
  • Health and safety are important and it is expected that due diligence of personal and other staff health and safety will be attended to
  • Self-development is important for both individuals and the company, staff will take advantage of training and continuing education opportunities and will be paid for by the Farm

Personality: Self-driven, results-oriented with a positive outlook, and a clear focus on high quality and appropriate use of resources. Commitment to sustainable farm methods is required. Knowledgeable in permaculture principles highly desired

Personal Situation: Must be mature and domestically secure. Able to commute reliably with owners. Able to work extended hours on occasions when required. Must have clean driving license.

Specific Job Skills: Able to use and maintain farm equipment and tools. Be physically fit enough to perform the job. Able to communicate well with owners.

Management Ability: Staff management skills are necessary. They include recruiting and managing garden labor. Monitoring field labor performance. Some people-management skills, experience and natural ability will be useful

To apply, send your resume to:

Brian Gadbois

Renaissance Farms

126 Company Farm Rd.

Barre, MA 01005

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