Permaculture Design and Consultation


What if your property could provide your family with not only beauty and comfort, but an abundance of food?  And what if your home and property were designed to make you more resilient in times of economic or weather related stress?  Those are some of the things that Permaculture can do for you.

Permaculture is a system of integrated design.  It encompasses gardening and farming, energy, economics, ecology, and social relationships.  More than that, Permaculture integrates those elements in a system that is designed specifically for you and your property.  Permaculture takes a holistic approach.  The ideal is to produce more than we consume, providing for our own needs, being free to share with others., and further enriching the environment and community.  This is real regenerative design.

If you have a vision for such a way of life for your family, I would be delighted to help you by designing a new site or a retrofit of your current property.  I am a certified Permaculture Designer and Educator.  I received my certification from Oregon State University in 2017, accredited by Permaculture Institute of North America (PINA).  I have done mainly pro-bono designs and consultation up to 2023. I am in the process of completely redesigning my 286 acre Renaissance Farms in Barre, Massachusetts, now under development as a working farm, demonstration site, and educational facility.  I am developing a vision for a project in northeast Bulgaria that will serve at risk youth, elders, and marginalised populations.  I am also in the process of planning and filming online courses in Permaculture for FarmSchool (my own online learning platform).  I’m keenly interested in the unique challenges of retrofitting what already exists to work in a Permaculture system.  As of summer 2023, I am completely rehabbing and retrofitting a 1980s mobile home to be able to function completely off-grid.

If you are interested in a consultation to design or redesign your property, contact me.  I accept projects that interest me ranging from urban to rural, private property, farm scale properties, and community projects.  Consultations are billed at $300/hour with a minimum of three hours, typically over Zoom or Google Meets.  Design services priced per project.  I limit projects to just 6 per year.  I regret that I am not able to accept barter or in-kind arrangements at this time (summer 2023).  Please contact me for a design estimate.

If you are interested in learning Permaculture Design for your own use, or as a profession, sign up for an upcoming Permaculture course here on the farm.

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