Microgreens are very young vegetables or herbs, just as they are beginning to get their first true leaves.  When they are at this stage, they pack a lot of flavour as well as nutrition.  Pound for pound microgreens contain thousands of times the nutrients and medicinal constituents as their full-grown counterparts.  They are beautiful, and fun to add to any savoury dish.  A few herb varieties are also amazing for fruit and dessert dishes, too.

We are always adding to our offerings of microgreens as we trial new varieties.  Here is our current list:

Sunflower Shoots ~ Pea Shoots and Tendrils ~ Broccoli Shoots ~Radish Shoots (Daikon/Rambo/HongVit Mix) ~ Baby Cilantro ~ Baby Mustard ~ Baby Arugula ~ Baby Beet Greens ~ Baby Dill ~ Baby Rainbow Chard ~ Amaranth Shoots

Discounts available on orders of 5 lb or more.  Order ahead to ensure availability, growing times vary between 7 and 24 days (depending on type of green).  Delivery to Worcester on Tuesdays and Fridays.  Orders can be picked up by appointment.

Order by noon Monday for Tuesday Delivery, or 9am Thursday for Friday delivery.

Call for weekly fresh sheets for current prices and varieties as they change weekly.

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