Working Here


“My worst day on the farm is still better than my best day in an office” – Nissa Gadbois

Farm work is challenging.  It’s wet, dirty, dusty, sometimes smelly, and always physically demanding.  Farm work is also a blessing.  It’s honest, straightforward, pleasant, often fun and always spiritually rewarding.

Our day consists of moving fences, delivering water, conducting health checks, shepherding, and gathering.  There is clean up to do, projects to build, walls to clear, and fields to re-claim.  In the spring we plant and welcome farm babies, summer is hay and harvest season, trees are felled and crops preserved in autumn, and winter is the time for repairing and improving equipment and buildings.

There are visitors to greet, animals to transport, and events to prepare for.  There are also meals to enjoy together, classes and workshops to plan, and creative projects to try.  In the words of a popular eating establishment, “When you’re here, you’re family”.

DIRECT HIRE: Experienced farm help is always needed here on the farm.  It can also be awfully hard to come by.  If you have farm experience, and if our mission and approach appeal to you, we’d love to hear from you to see if we are a good fit for each other.

WORKSHARE/BARTER: Trading your time, skills, or goods for a share of the produce of our farm is just about the most authentic commercial exchange we can imagine.  There are many opportunities for experienced farmhands and those with other needed skills, services, or goods.  Please enquire!

INTERNING/VOLUNTEERING:  Renaissance Farms has intern and volunteer opportunities for homeschool students and Catholic youth.  Opportunities exist for seasonal, school-year, or year-long commitments.  This is a great gateway to direct employment.  Please enquire.

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