Saanen Goats

Willow (with the floppy ear) and Sumac, twin bucklings born February 2024

Our beautiful herd of Saanen goats primarily offers land management services, and they are an vital part of our Permaculture system. As an extra treat, in season, they provide our family with milk for drinking, and yoghurt and cheesemaking, and even soapmaking. (Sorry, we don’t sell our milk). They are excellent companions for our other livestock as well. Predators aren’t particularly fond of horned animals, if they can avoid them. And goats still smell ‘goaty’ – even when human noses can’t detect it. Most predators aren’t very keen on their scent either.

You can rent our herd of Goatscapers any time you need to drive back overgrowth from your backyard. They can also do larger jobs like thinning understory plants from managed fields and woodland, creating firebreaks, land reclamation.

The goats love to hike our trails here on the farm. It’s good for them and good for the trails. It keeps the existing trails nice and clear, ensures a varied diet for the goats, and gives everyone a little exercise. Check out our events calendar to book a group goat hike!

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