Contract Growing


Food Artisans. Caterers.  Restaurants.  Breweries.  Specialty Food Shops.


Because you care about offering your customers and clients local, holistically managed specialty ingredients and foods in season…

Choose from the crops and livestock we already raise…

  • Lamb and mutton
  • Birch and maple water (sap), syrup, sugar
  • Pastured eggs
  • Raw, unfiltered honey
  • Hop shoots (hop asparagus) for special seasonal dishes
  • Hops cones for brewing, teas, medicinal preparations, and more
  • Fiddleheads and ramps (wild harvested)

…or make a special request.

We focus on varieties and breeds that do well in northern climates and under holistic management.  Primitive livestock breeds and old varieties of herbs, fruits and vegetables do best, we’ve found.

We welcome you to schedule a visit to discuss your needs, and explain how our growing contracts work.  Give us a call on 978-355-3540.


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