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2014 Season

by Brian and Nissa on May 18, 2014

shetlandram Ryan, our Shetland Ram

This season is off to another late start.  Old Man Winter didn’t want to let us go this year.  But we’re off and running with a wonderful selection of crops on our roster – all gorgeous heirloom varieties to delight you palate and nourish your body.

Vegetable shares are closed for 2014.  If you want to be put on the waiting list for 2015, please be in touch.  Your deposit will be due in November.


Meat shares, including pastured chicken and beef shares, are available now.  If there is enough interest in pork shares, we will open those up again, too.

Pick up for shareholders will remain on Saturdays from 10-12, farmstand sales from 12-2 PM.  We plan to be at the City Hall farmer’s market in conjunction with the Out to Lunch Concert series.  Market is Thursday from 11am – 2 pm.

We have made significant progress in clearing abandoned nursery stock.  The cluster birches that suffered so  heavily our first winter had been cut down and had largely rotted away.  The remaining spruces and a handful of ornamental cherry were pulled with a root rake and all of the debris burned in situ, leaving all of the soil in place.  That field is now being planted with vegetable and grain crops for this year.  Those foods will go first to our shareholders and then to our market and farmstand customers.




Now that the hundreds of remaining ornamental cherries have finished blooming, we will begin cutting those down, stripping the trunks and allowing them to season for use as turning material for woodworkers.  The tops and roots will be burned, and the soil left in place.  This will open up a large space to be used for further crops and grazing space.   Nissa got some beautiful photographs of the cherries in bloom, which are available as art prints, along with some other images from the farm (including that handsome ram up there at the top).

Bees are due in from our breeder this month.  Six new colonies of pure Russian bees will make their home here on the farm in Tanzania top-bar hives.  We’re looking forward to plenty of beeswax for our chandlery in our future – and some lovely raw honey for ourselves, our shareholders, and our customers.  But we’ve got to be patient… It takes a season or two to get there.

REMINDERS:  Please call if you are interested in visiting us on a different day than Saturday.  We are CLOSED on Sundays for the Lord’s Day.  We don’t answer phones or emails.