-Nursery Volunteers: seeding, watering, transplanting, and caring for our herbs and flowers. You will be trained on how to properly handle and care for our organic (and sometimes rare) plants.

-Clean-up Crew: mucking, organizing equipment and supplies, organizing bulk materials

-Painters: painting arches, beehives, mobile barns, chicken tractors, greenhouse walls, etc.

-Builders: chicken tractors, greenhouse expansion, shop, barn repair, mobile barn, etc.

-Tree Crew: clearing dead trees, clearing the ornamental cherries, chipping, splitting, etc.

-Handworkers: small repairs, maintaining tools, etc.

-Woodworkers: to make hives and boxes for our apiary, brooders for our chicks, and various other small wood items for the farm. Plans and materials provided.



Volunteer with us here at Renaissance Farms! Whether you’ve been farming for years, or just want to get hands on and learn, Renaissance Farms is the place for you! We are always looking for responsible, enthusiastic, hardworking individuals 18 and older (or your whole family!) who have a love for our planet and a love for learning, and can commit 2 or more hours a week. The work is hard, dirty, and good for the soul. Jobs on the farm may include, but are not limited to:

–        Planting/ weeding/ watering/ harvesting

–        Running fence lines 

–        Moving our animals to and from pasture

–        Mucking

–        Collecting and boiling sap

–        Repairing chicken tractors/beehives/lean-tos/greenhouses/etc.

–        Clearing debris and brush

In addition to these, heavy or dangerous machinery may be used such as wood chippers, scythes, tillers, machetes, etc, so it is essential you have a sharp eye on all little folks and little animals. We believe in an educational environment and the collaborative effort of all individuals to get the job done, and believe that everyone working on our farm has valuable insight, ideas, and questions. 


Why Renaissance Farms?

Renaissance Farms is a family run farm, with most of our adult children and all of our littles still working the fields and with the animals alongside us every day! Volunteering at Renaissance Farms helps us to work the land as is was intended, provide food and services to our local community, and we hope with enough volunteers that we will soon be able expand to offer classes, community access facilities, and to support our family life apostolate’s projects and programs: strengthening family life, inspiring self-sufficiency, and offering support to children and young people from hard places. We believe in the power of family; and in joining us in our work, you also join our family!


What are the benefits for me?

Well, we are glad you asked! These benefits are always free for helping out on the farm! 

–        Being outside in the fresh air and sun (hello pandemic living)

–        The Farm Workout ™

–        The warm feeling you get in your heart and souls when you are doing good work

–        Meeting new friends

–        Learning new skills

–        The personal satisfaction of a day well spent

–        Baby Animals!

–        And more!

In addition to these benefits, we also offer merit-based perks to sweeten the deal a little bit more. Recognition for hours will result in:

–        40 Hours – an invitation to our season-end farm dinner

–        80 Hours – The Tote™

–        100 Hours – The Canteen™

–        160 Hours –  Your very own Opinel pocket knife

–        200 Hours – four-season access for you and a friend to the trails for hiking, snowshoeing, skiing (by appointment for the duration of the pandemic)

–        240 Hours – Your very own hori-hori knife

–        300 Hours – voucher for a class or workshop on the farm

–        400 Hours – Voucher for a share next season

–        600 Hours – Scholarship for our Permaculture Design course

So what are you waiting for? We can’t wait to meet you! 


**This is a family-run farm and our safety as well as yours is our paramount concern. We require background checks on all future volunteers. We reserve the right to refuse anyone we do not feel is a good match for our family and work culture. We are equal opportunity employers and will not refuse you based on religious reasons, sexual orientation, culture, or race. 


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