We understand that encountering a honeybee swarm can be a daunting experience.  Nissa provides professional and humane swarm removal services to ensure the safety of both you and the bees.

Services are provided free of charge and free-will offerings are gratefully accepted.  The cost of a typical bee removal is around $1000.  If you’d like to support this important work, click here.

Removal service entails:

Swarm Identification: It is important to ensure that the swarm you see is in fact a swarm of honeybees.  Nissa will come out and make an inspection to verify that you have honeybees.  This may be accomplished remotely in some cases, but typically requires on-site inspection.

Swarm Removal: Once it is determined that it is a honeybee swarm, Nissa can get to work removing them. If you have a swarm that has newly gathered on a tree or other structure, the removal is fairly quick and simple.  Established hives can require greater effort to remove.  In that case, the hive will be opened and carefully dismantled.  Comb will be placed in a new hive box and the bees gently placed in the hive.  It may be necessary to leave the new hive in place overnight to ensure that we have captured all of the bees.

Our primary concern is safety for your family and for the bees.  We try to minimise property damage, but understand that removals can sometimes require removal of siding, soffits, walls, ceilings, etc.  

Relocation: Once all of the bees are in the swarm hive, they’ll be transported here to the farm where they will be placed in a permanent hive.  Here, they will be cared for using natural beekeeping techniques.  For more information about this very special way of working with bees, click here.

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