St. Margaret Baskets



Fresh, organic produce can be out of reach for shelters and needy families – the very people who are most at-risk nutritionally.

With St. Margaret Baskets, we can provide a steady supply of fresh, organic produce from our farm, as well as occasional meats and eggs on a weekly basis throughout the season – up to 50 weekly baskets.

Each St. Margaret Basket provides approximately 10 lb. of produce as well as occasional eggs and meats weekly, throughout the season (June-Oct.).

Baskets will be distributed to:

Visitation House (mothers-to-be/mother and infant)

Youville House (families)

Abby’s House (women and children)

 St. Francis & Therese Catholic Worker House (men and women)

Jeremiah’s Inn (men)

Why St. Margaret?

St. Margaret (Queen) of Scotland is known for her care of the poor, often distributing food baskets herself in the streets of Edinburgh. She also invited needy families to dine at her table, always waiting until her guests had had their fill before allowing herself to be served. She gave freely of her bounty – a perfect example for us to follow.

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