Seasonal Vegetable Boxes


We grow heirloom vegetables on an acre-and-a-half of sunny hilltop.  Heirlooms adapt better to their environment than GMO seeds, and reflect the terroir of their farm in their size, shape, scent, flavour, and abundance.

We strive to grow a wide variety of crops to delight your palate, and stretch your culinary creativity.  We use various methods including low-till  inter-cropping, and crop rotation on permanent beds to ensure excellent soil health and structure.  This is important to maximize availability of nutrients – both for the plants and for people.

We offer two types of seasonal vegetable boxes.

Our generously-sized Barnby Box contains a variety of organically-grown heirloom vegetables – large is 16-20lb/week, small is 8-10lb/week.

Our Lady Banning Box is a seasonal mix of salad greens, seasonal salad vegetables, and microgreens.  Large is 1 lb salad greens, 2-3 vegetables, and microgreens.  Small is 1/2 lb, 1-2 vegetables, and microgreens.

Pick up is on the farm Saturdays from 10 am to 2 pm from June to October.

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