Farm Visit: Many Hands Organic Farm

A couple of weeks ago we visited Many Hands Organic Farm.  We met Julie in the field, having already been greeted by a trio of adorable kittens and a beautiful farm dog as well as a flock of chickens.  We followed along as the crew harvested the produce for the last week of CSA.  Having been utterly useless in the harvesting process, we leant a hand with packing up the CSA bags.  We checked out their washing station, cooler, and hoophouses.  We visited the pigs, marveling at how well behaved their hogs are.  And we visited the beeves down in the pasture.

Julie was more than generous with her time and expertise.  We left feeling that we are on the right track and that any adjustments we might need to make to our operations are very do-able.  Brian and I are looking forward to Julie and Jack making a trip across town to have a look at our place (and maybe offer some advice!).


Farm Visit: Many Hands Organic Farm


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