Permaculture Series: Introduction

Permaculture Series Introduction

Permaculture Series Introduction

Throughout this series, I’m going to be using my farm in central Massachusetts and a depopulated village in northeastern Bulgaria as examples for purposes of demonstrating design. It is important to note that what I’m demonstrating is NOT the only right way to do things. My designs are going to work for me, for my goals, based on the exact principles I’m going to teach you. You will have different goals for your home, farm, or project of any scale.

Personal Introduction

Hello, I’m Nissa. I’m a Permaculture teacher. I received my Permaculture Design Certification from Oregon State University in 2017. My instructors were Andrew Millison, Tao Orion, and Marisha Auerbach. I have particular interests in farm scale Permaculture design, Ecovillage design, and the application of Permaculture to social structures.


My hopes for this series are that you will gain a better understanding of the concept of Permaculture, and that it will inspire a desire to take a formal course somewhere. You may be more drawn to designing as a new career path, or you may be more drawn, as I am, to teaching Permaculture.

Permaculture Series: Introduction

I also hope that by the end of this series, I will gain a deeper understanding of my own practice. In the course of the series, I also hope to have an updated design for my farm and for an ecovillage in Bulgaria. There will also be at least two designs for retrofitted homes.


I will be sharing resources in most of my posts in the series. Book titles, videos, organisations, and more will be linked at the end of each post. You can order book titles directly through the Shop. It takes a bit longer for you to get your books, but it supports my work. I am grateful for your support and your patience.

Currently I offer two Permaculture Design Certification Courses per year. The summer course is an intensive two week course on site, followed by an optional two week practicum. The winter is a hybrid of in-person and live online classes. There is also a separate course in the autumn for those who just want to know how they can retrofit their own homes and yards to work better.

What Next?

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Please feel free to comment on the posts with any questions you have. I’m happy to clarify my reasoning or a concept that I’m covering.

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Permaculture Series: Introduction


Just a woman trying to leave this place better than she found it. Farmer. Teacher. Creator. Cook.

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