Massachusetts Farm to Table Podcast, Episode 003: Amanda and Brett Sovick of DeLorenzo Farm

This is Part One of a two-part podcast. Nissa sits down to talk with Amanda and Brett Sovick of DeLorenzo Farm in Duxbury where they steward 27 acres using regenerative practices and Permaculture Principles.

  • Introduction: Welcome to the Massachusetts Farm to Table Podcast where we showcase the passionate farmers, food producers, and chefs who are shaping the farm-to-table movement right here in Massachusetts..
  • Guest Information: Amanda and Brett also own and operate Fowl Play Farm at Miss Bee Haven where they offer a variety of produce including eggs, poultry, and vegetables direct to consumer.  They are a wealth of information and a whole lot of fun to chat with.  This episode is in two parts! 
  • Key Discussion Points: We talk about the process of gaining stewardship of a municipally owned historic farm and how the land has been restored and continues to evolve.  We talk about regenerative farming and Permaculture.
  • Links and Resources:

Fowl Play Farm and Miss Bee Haven

Soule Farm

Historic O’Neill Farm

South Shore Permaculture

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  • Additional Notes: Be sure to watch for the full uncut video interview on Youtube, and our video tours later this season.
Massachusetts Farm to Table Podcast, Episode 003: Amanda and Brett Sovick of DeLorenzo Farm


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