Visiting Us

We are so excited about your interest in our family farm and what we offer! However, we would like to remind you that Renaissance Farms is not only a family-run farm, but our home.  

At this time, we do not have open visiting hours. If you are interested in touring our farm or in volunteering, we ask that you make an appointment with us. We would be more than happy to give you a tour and explain all the amazing restorations, projects, and plans for the season!

We cannot allow guests to arrive unannounced. Check out our calendar to see what events we have planned!

Thank you all for your understanding, and we can’t wait to make an appointment to meet you! 

Group outings may be booked for the following activities.  Please contact us for details.  Our volunteers get priority booking.


We welcome boondockers with their RVs, Campers, and Tiny Houses for one night or more.  Suggested offering: $60/night.  Please email us before your planned visit to make sure we have room for you.  Also, check out our listings on Harvest Hosts, HipCamp, and Farm Stay


We welcome hikers and packers to visit and explore our beautiful farm.  Please be sure to book your time slot.


Our farm boasts over two miles of snowmobile trails, maintained by the Ware River Snowmobile Club. Trails cover level and steep terrain through open fields and woodland.   Please make sure you have a permit sticker on your sled and KEEP TO THE TRAILS.  Stop by the farmhouse if you need any type of assistance.


With a variety of terrains over nearly 300 acres of unspoiled land, skiers and shoers are sure to find a day here rewarding.  Please give us a call in advance to book your visit to check on conditions and restrictions.

EQUESTRIAN:: We welcome riders to explore two miles of groomed trails on our farm.  At this time, trailer parking space is limited, and there are no boarding facilities.  Beware that we have both steep and wet sections of trail.

GEOCACHING:: Coming Soon!


Are welcome on the farm.  For your safety, and for the safety of our animals, please keep to marked trails and paths.  And please clean up after your pet.

Also beware that electric fence is in use on all livestock paddocks and pastures.  Always assume that they are powered.

**All outdoor adventure activities are undertaken at the participant’s own risk.  Your offerings help support our humanitarian work and farm improvement projects**

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