The Gadbois Family

We bought our farm in Barre in 2011, after several years of searching for a place in which to raise dairy goats, sheep, poultry, organic produce, and our growing family.

BRIAN:  Is an engineer by education.  He pays the bills and tried real hard to make sure the rest of us keep to a budget.

NISSA: Is a PINA certified permaculture designer and teacher, a 200RYT Yoga teacher, and a community herbalist.  She is responsible for the Permaculture design plan and basically has her hands in everything.

CATHERINE: Is a professional photographer.  She is our social media manager and assists Nissa with just about everything.  She is looking forward to working on our line of natural dyed yarns.

PAUL: Is Catherine’s husband.  He works full time for a local company and lends a capable and willing hand with whatever needs doing on the farm from manual labor to organizing tasks.

ANDREW: Our oldest son has extensive farm experience and is an amazing cook.  He’s now an electrician’s apprentice and a skilled handyman  He is responsible for choosing and planning vegetable crops, saving seeds, and researching new varieties to trial.  He is exploring butchery and charcuterie and looking forward to bringing pigs and geese back to the farm.

CAROLINE: Works full time for the Commonwealth.  She works part time on the farm tending to our seedlings and microgreens.

JOHN: Caroline’s husband-to-be.  Can be counted on to see a need and fill it… literally.  He repaired a rather large and annoying speed dip in the drive.

WILLIAM: Helps with whatever task needs to be done.  He has become a great help with heavy lifting jobs and has a keen interest in the repair and maintenance of the farm machinery.

NICHOLAS: Enjoys helping with clearing brush and is looking forward to helping with the gardens.  He’s looking forward to growing sunflowers on a large scale.

OLIVIA: Likes learning the names of things she sees on the farm.

SOPHIE: Is an eager worker, and can be found just about anywhere on the farm, weeding, planting, harvesting, or filling your farm share box.  She and Cate work together to pour our candles.

LOUIS: Is in charge of animal care.  He’s the one who feeds the animals and does daily health checks. He also assists his older brothers in whatever tasks are needed.

JAMES:  James assists his older brothers with everything on the farm. He is a record keeper, tracking planting and harvest times for all of our crops.

JOSÉPHINE: Is our Chicken Mama.  She takes care of the chickens from the time they hatch with the help of her brother Louis.  She is in charge of gathering eggs and recording how many we have each day.  She is also learning to make soaps with Mama and Cate.

GEORGE: Enjoys helping his brothers and sisters in any task on the farm.  He is in charge of the pumpkin patch.

We farm because we believe in the healing power of foods grown from heirloom seeds in soil that is alive, from animals raised on wholesome species-appropriate forages, and mindfully prepared.  We have experienced that healing firsthand.  Our youngest children can’t tolerate pasteurized cow’s milk, but have always done well on raw milk, especially goat’s milk.  Nissa has successfully managed a debilitating auto-immune disease through a diet of fresh, organic foods prepared carefully at home.

We welcome you to visit our family blog:: At Home With the Gadbois Family

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