Co-operative (Group) Shares

If you belong to a church, club, or homeschooling organization, you can form your own co-op to buy a block of farm shares (a minimum of 10 full shares). It’s easy for you to divvy up your block for individual needs. The cost works out to less than $5 per person, per week. Your group’s shares will be delivered weekly to your location for you to distribute. Additionally, you can submit a group order for organic and natural groceries to be delivered with your CSA shares. There is no need for bulk buying – we break the cases. The work requirement can be waived for an extra fee, or, you can divide the work hours among your group’s members. This option also works well for co-workers and for college students.

How does the share work?

Co-operative groups purchase a block of shares (minimum of 10 full shares) in advance of the growing season.  The weekly shares are delivered to a group drop spot and distributed among the individuals in the co-operative according to their own needs and desires.  The co-operative may choose to work their block of shares as a group one day each month, elect individuals to work the block, or pay an additional fee of 20%.  This is necessary in order to pay a staff member to work your share.

Contents of the weekly co-operative delivery will be chosen by us. Every effort will be made to ensure that there is a good variety, allowing individuals within the co-operative to choose freely those things that they want most.

How much does co-operative share cost?

Co-operative groups agree to purchase (as a group) a minimum of 40 individual shares, which can be divided up amongst its members in whatever way works best. An individual share is enough for a single person.  The content of co-operative shares are chosen by us, Renaissance Farms.

What is in a co-operative share?

At a minimum, a co-operative share upplies enough fresh, organic produce, and eggs (in a proportoin your group chooses) to feed 40 individuals, depending upon your co-op’s needs.

Unlike most CSAs, Renaissance Farm Shares are year-round, rather than just through the short New England growing season.  We have extended our shares with the addition of other farm products including eggs, and meats. We also stock fresh, organic produce from southern producers during winter months and other organic and natural grocery items year-round.

Some of the items that may be in your weekly share include:




Pastured Eggs

Raw Honey

Maple Syrup

Cut Flowers

Farm-raised meat (chicken and turkey)

Your co-operative members will also be eligible to purchase the following items at a discount (on farm only):

Wool roving, batts and yarns

Farm-baked goods

Organic and natural groceries (at wholesale for members only)

Handmade items

Classes and workshops


Christmas greenery

In monetary terms, your co-operative members pay approximately $5/week/individual and receive approximately $10 worth of farm products, plus receive a significant cost savings on other goods and services at the farm!

How do we decide how large a share our group needs?

Each co-operative group is different. You will need to decide amongst yourselves how many individual people you need to feed. In order to purchase a co-operative share, you need a minimum of 40 individuals (taking into account each co-op member’s family size). Some of your members may be single, others may have families with 4 or 5 members or more. After you have reached the minimum of 40 individuals, you should figure $5/individual after that.

For instance: Group A needs to purchase enough to feed 61 individuals, their co-operative share size would be “61” and the total cost would be $51,850 per year, or $305/week.

The co-ordinator for the group would be responsible for determining how much each of their members owes, collecting the funds, and paying Renaissance Farms for the share.

For instance: Jane Smith is an individual with no family members, she would owe the co-op $5/week or $260/year. The Jones family consists of mother, dad, and 3 small children. They probably want enough food to feed four individuals. They would owe the co-operative $20/week or $1040/year.

The co-op should decide how they wish to pay for their share. Co-operative groups may pay in full in advance (preferred), or may pay a deposit equal to 25% of the total, and weekly or monthly payments thereafter. Co-operative group co-ordinators are solely responsible for managing their own group’s affairs in regards to their share. Renaissance Farms is unable to change the size of the group share once the season has begun (1 April – 31 March) for that year.

Can I exchange work for a portion of my share?

We do not offer this option for co-operative groups at this time.

How do we pay for our co-operative share?

We prefer that shares are paid in full up front.  This ensures that funds are available for farm expenses.  If this presents a hardship for your group, please inquire about making more flexible payment arrangements.  We don’t want to turn anyone away!

PLEASE EMAIL US FOR A COPY OF THE CO-OPERATIVE APPLICATION AND TERMS. Both forms must be printed, signed and returned to Renaissance Farms. Please send your group’s payment with your forms to:

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