What We Make of It

We need to embrace beginning again. Sometimes that means changing our vision.We have been doing a lot of that over the past few years.

Before COVID we envisioned serving area restaurants. Then we envisioned returning to CSA. But our life as family didn’t support that.  

We have two high-needs children.  Neither one lives at home right now. One will never return home. The other will need special accommodation.

That will mean not only a separate living space, but a lifestyle change on our part. 

We don’t have staff.  There are no volunteers.  It’s just our family and a few helpers that flit in and out.  It’s not enough to operate the farm as a large CSA.

But we can teach.  And demonstrate. And facilitate.  We have those resources within ourselves.  The land we steward can support that. 

So we will make something from that.

This season, we will be focusing on how we can teach permaculture design and skills. We will be building out our own design to demonstrate what a good design can look like, and how it functions. And we will facilitate other local farmers and makers by offering another – albeit small – outlet for their produce and works.

Our greatest desire is to build a community on and around the farm. In addition to our permaculture classes and workshops, we will be scheduling other community-building events like farm dinners and ‘street parties’, talks, community projects, and more. We’re going to be offering more community access opportunities like hiking, biking, geocaching, snowshoeing, and Nordic ski (I know, it’s too soon).

The key to longevity is re-invention. Circumstances are telling us that what we had previously worked toward isn’t what is right for us and our farm right now. And that’s perfectly fine. We just need to accept the feedback and creatively respond to change.

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What We Make of It


Just a woman trying to leave this place better than she found it. Farmer. Teacher. Creator. Cook.

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