We’re Hiring

We’re hiring for both full-time and part-time positions on the farm.  Pay starts at $15 an hour.  Tuesday through Saturday.

Job Description: During the busy growing season, work will consist mainly of planting, mulching, weeding, bug-picking, watering, and harvesting.  You will be assisting with preparing orders for restaurants and boxes for home deliveries and farm pick-up.  During the rest of the year, work will include starting seeds, plant propagation, clearing and preparing new growing areas, wildlife corridor maintenance, hay making, building projects small and large, equipment maintenance and repair, sugar making, seed harvest and cleaning, autumn plant collection and propagation, soap and candle making, filling and packaging, market stall and farm stand work, assisting with events and workshops.

Requirements: Experience is preferred but not necessary.

Ideal applicant must:

  • have reliable transportation and a clean driving record
  • be physically capable of doing sometimes heavy manual labour for hours each day
  • have an interest in learning more about farm-scale permaculture
  • take direction and be able to work reliably and independently
  • possess creativity, ingenuity, critical thinking, and problem solving skills


We will require a criminal background and CORI check.  Interested applicants, please email us for an application.

We’re Hiring


Deacon's wife. Mother of Eleven. Farmer. Teacher. Creator. Cook.

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