Signed, sealed, and delivered

We officially closed on our farm in Barre last Monday afternoon!  Now the work of restoration begins.


The contractor will be getting started the week of 23rd May.  In the meantime, we will be pulling down the lath and plaster walls and doing general clean-up.

We need help with renovations – pulling down walls, cataloging original millwork, cleaning and restoring fixtures, refinishing and laying floors.  We also need help with outdoor clean-up including tree and brush cutting,  barn clean-up (to prepare for the larger animals), and fence-building.  We are taking cuttings of lilacs and hydrangeas and potting them up, which is a big job.

We will begin harvesting some of the wild bounty available on the farm as well.

Chickens, turkeys and geese will begin arriving in two or three weeks.  The first round of Oberhasli goats and Hereford hogs will arrive at around the same time.  We are waiting to hear about the sheep, too.  

Please come to the farm for a hike!  We’d love to show you around.

Signed, sealed, and delivered

Brian and Nissa

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