Layaway Your 2012 Share Now

Times are tough for families –  they’re tough for ours, too.  We think we’ve found a way that we can help each other out.

We are going to allow anyone interested in a share or shares to layaway.  Return a deposit of $100 with your application now, and pay weekly or monthly right through until April 2012 when the balance will be due.

We get your commitment to support our family farm; and you get your choice of wholesome foods from our farm for your family  – at a two-fold rate of return on your investment [a full share from Renaissance Farms works out to $30/week, and gives you at least $60/week in farm fresh products, year-round, free-choice ].

Farmshare Applications and Shareholders Terms are available now on our website.  To reserve your share, please click, print, sign and return with your payment to our farm.

Layaway Your 2012 Share Now

Brian and Nissa

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