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Y’all, the government is a little bit insane. OK, more than a little bit. Here is a small example:

I can apply for a grant to put up fencing under the auspices of conservation of a waterway (keeping the critters out of the brook). That’s a whole separate crazy, but I digress.

I can use the funds to purchase posts, wire, board, wire grid, electric net, a charger, gates, hardware… whatever the actual physical fence requires. I can NOT purchase a post hole digger nor an auger, nor a freaking hammer, nor a tamper… I can’t own equipment purchased with grant money. It’s a piece of equipment that could ensure that I could continue to build fence. It’s a piece of equipment that I could loan or rent to my neighbour and possibly gain a small income from which could pay for further expansion of my fencing WITHOUT having to apply for another grant. Instead, they prefer me on the dole every time I need more fence. Don’t even suggest getting equipment to cut my own poles – that would have to be a rental or custom hire (of a person/company), if they ever deigned to allow that. And perish the thought of funding (illegal NATIVE) black locust trees for the express purpose of producing poles which could supply me and help make my farm enterprise more sustainable through sales to others. Incidentally, they also restore nitrogen to degraded soils which is why they go crazy here. Degraded soils are rife. Again, I digress.

I’ve got to buy into the capitalist machine and keep it fed. That’s the price of getting money from the government. That’s what you agree to.

And now about that crazy, “keep critters from the water source” because they might poop in it… I gotta buy watering tanks and run hose (possibly from the same brook) or drop a well and run hose. Please don’t tell them that wildlife in far greater numbers do the same. But somehow that’s different and ok.

These are the same people who lock up people poop and pee which hold vital soil nutrition and could be safely composted to remove pathogens before being used to nourish soil. These are the same people that are OK dumping chemically laden toxic gick literally everywhere, including ‘treating’ it and feeding it back to us. Why? Why do we allow this insanity to perpetuate?

Let’s wake up, and resist.


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Fence Post


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