CSA Applications due in January

2012 CSA applications are due back with your 10% deposit in January.  This ensures that we will have enough seed and livestock to supply your family for the year.  We have standard credit-based shares (full and half) as well as Free Range shares available.  All shares are whole farm, free choice, and year-round!

To download your application, click here (opens in a new window), print, sign and return with your deposit in January.  Your balance is due in April for standard shares.  Weekly payments for Free Range shares begin in April/May.

*New Free Range shares are a weekly pay-as-you-go and all-you-can-eat share.  All we ask is that you take only what your family can eat in a week.  If your family is larger than seven (two adults and five children), please contact us to customize your share. A deposit of $480 and weekly payments of $120 throughout the year (52 weeks) beginning in April/May. 



CSA Applications due in January

Brian and Nissa

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