Almost Home…

One of our ewe lambs - she needs a name.

I just got off the phone with Mike Kelly from Dancing Lamb Farm in New York.  Our sheep are going to be scheduled for their vet check next Wednesday sometime, then we can arrange to pick them up and bring them home.  But they won’t be coming to our house – they’ll be staying at another farm until we find a place of our own (hopefully soon).  They’ll need a good shearing in a couple of weeks’ time – once the weather is warm enough for them to wander around in their birthday suits.  We’ll have them bred this fall so that next spring we’ll have a lovely crop of 10-20 lambs.

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we keep looking for a farm where we can live all together with our critters and serve the nearly 350 families on our waiting list.

Almost Home…

Brian and Nissa

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