Partners and Friends

Partnering with other family farmers is a great way to support other farm operations while being able to expand what we can offer our customer.  It’s also important for the long-term sustainability of family farms.  When the going gets tough – as it sometimes will – it’s essential to have farm friends to lend a hand (or a tractor).

Misty Brook Farm, 156 Bog Road Albion, ME (formerly Spring Hill Rd. Barre, MA)

Brendan and Katia have shared their vast wealth of knowledge and experience with us since we moved to our new farm in Barre.  They help us make our hay and co-op feed orders, while we graze their young and dry dairy cows on our pastures.  If raw cow’s milk is your pleasure, we highly recommend their glass half-gallons.  Delicious!

Prouty Farm, Main St. Rutland, MA

Brian and Paula Stidsen are good friends of ours.  The Brians were ordained deacons for the Diocese of Worcester together in June 2012.  The Stidsens gave us our start in Hereford hogs.  Those hogs were our farm’s rototillers and will soon provided excellent quality pastured pork.

Rotokawa Cattle Co. and Hardwick Beef, North Rd., Hardwick, MA

Henry and his family run their beautiful herd of Red Devons (aptly nicknamed ‘rubies’) on our rich pastureland.  In exchange, his animals reclaim and keep clear acres of overgrowth and leave us valuable fertilizer in the form of manure, which our pigs and chickens can then spread efficiently over the fields.  Henry’s philosophy of grass-based livestock fits exactly with our own.  It is an honour to be working together.  Look for 100% grass fed beef on our farmstand (or through your farmshare) – from cattle fed on our land.

Grassroots Farm, West Brookfield Rd., New Braintree, MA

We went to school with Kristen and Tom.  It’s funny that we should all fall into farming.  It’s been a blessing to share thoughts and experiences with them about everything from farming to home-schooling.  They operate a beautiful pasture-based farm about 5 miles down the road from us.  We highly recommend their grassfed meats – raised with both love and prayer.

Ruggles Hill Creamery, Ridge Rd., Hardwick, MA

Tricia gave us our start in Oberhasli several years ago, when she was still in Carlisle.  Her herd is exceptionally beautiful, not to mention gentle and friendly.  We recommend trying one of her award winning goat’s milk cheeses, but be warned: they are almost too pretty to eat.

Laughing Dog Farm, Main Street, Gill, MA

Danny and Divya are our high tunnel mentors.  They’re helping us to understand practicalities of high tunnel construction and management so that we can extend our growing season here on the farm.  More generous, kind, and loving people, you’d be hard-pressed to find.  Their lovely farm sits atop a hill in the former Renaissance Commune (!!).


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