2013 Farm Shares – Something for Everyone

Some shares are very limited, and some items are too limited for farm shares, but you can purchase them separately on the farm when they are available.  These items include lamb, mutton, chevon (goat meat), chicken, turkey, and goose, as well as maple and birch syrups.  Wool from our sheep is also extremely limited, so check when you come in next spring after shearing.

All shares are available to purchase here. 

Shares are payable upon order, deadline to reserve for all shares {except hops} is 1 April 2013.  Veggie shares may be paid in installments – 25% upon signup, 25% by 1 April, the remainder by 1 June.  Please contact us to arrange installments.

Hops Share – $200

5lb of dried whole cone hops for home-brewing, culinary, or herbal preparations.  Cascade, Centennial, and Willamette.  Hops can be hard to come by reliably.  Guarantee your supply for the coming year. Holistically grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers.  Harvested late summer, shipping anywhere in the US included.  RESERVE BY JANUARY 15!

Honey Share – $45

5 lb raw honey.  Harvested mid-to-late summer for pick-up.

Egg Share – $100

1 dozen eggs each week from pastured chickens.  Pick up approximately late April to October.

Pig Share – $900 and $500

Whole or half share. 100# or 50# of heritage pork, dressed.  Includes roasts, chops, ham, and bacon. Fat back, lard, trotters, rinds available separately, please ask!  Pigs are processed in the fall for pick-up in October/November

Seasonal Vegetable Share – $1600

Approximately 400 lb. of open pollinated and heirloom vegetables.  We have carefully selected beautiful varieties of popular types of vegetables.  Sure to please both eye and palate, including two that are listed on Ark of Taste. Free choice from what we have available each week.  Pick up approximately May to October. *Join our mailing list for details on some of our wonderful varieties.

Whole Farm Share – $500 or $1000

It works like a pre-paid account and you can use it on anything we produce or sell, all year round, including meats, vegetables, soaps and candles, organic dry goods, cloth diapering and craft supplies, Christmas trees and greenery, and more.   You can even use your credit toward classes and workshops in cooking, crafting, and farming!  Top up anytime.  This is a great option for folks who can’t come to the farm weekly.  Choose from what we have available when you visit.  Your purchase of credit ensures that we plan to grow and raise enough to supply everyone interested.

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2013 Farm Shares – Something for Everyone

Brian and Nissa

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