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Subscribing to our newsletters, The Beacon and The Hob, are one that you can help support our work here on the farm. The Beacon is our farm and ministry newsletter, packed with good things to inform and inspire you to create a life centered around your family and rooted in the Gospel. The Hob is our foodie newsletter with seasonal recipes from our farmhouse kitchen. It is included with your Beacon subscription.


First Saturday at Renaissance Farms

Join us for the Joyful Mysteries and a potluck meal every first Saturday.  When the weather is fine, we’ll plan some games and activities outside, and when it’s not, we’ll gather in the house.

What to bring:

  • Your rosary
  • A dish to share (please carefully mark your dish if it has any common food allergens i.e. eggs, dairy, nuts, gluten)
  • Play clothes
  • Musical Instruments if you wish.



Farm to Door Delivery

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A generous weekly allotment of organic produce comprised of several varieties of fruits and vegetables, lovingly packed here on the farm.  Our Large Barnby Box is enough to for about three meals for 2-4 people.

Along with your Barnby Box subscription, you can choose from a selection of add-on shares.

You may also order items from our marketplace and add them to your pick-up or delivery.  Please ensure that we receive your order by 12 noon two days before your pick-up/delivery date so that it will be ready.

If you miss your pick-up or delivery, your box will be donated to an area food pantry, soup kitchen, or homeless shelter.






Support our Permaculture Projects

Support one of our permaculture projects here on the farm.  Your generous gifts do double duty – they pay for the materials for the project and also fund scholarships for our students!

Projects include:

  • development of market gardens, herb garden, and orchard
  • hedgerows for livestock containment, wildlife, and food
  • water catchment and storage
  • ecologically responsible buildings
  • food preservation (root cellar/cave, solar dehydrator, etc.)

…and MUCH more