Farm Notes

Late Harvest

This season has been brutal.  We got a late start with the weather and had to replant several crops because they were alternately swamped and killed off in the heat.  The strange weather caused an early molt for our chickens who stopped producing for 2 […]

2013 Farm Shares – Something for Everyone

Some shares are very limited, and some items are too limited for farm shares, but you can purchase them separately on the farm when they are available.  These items include lamb, mutton, chevon (goat meat), chicken, turkey, and goose, as well as maple and birch […]

Craft Beer Fest

Last night, we attended the American Craft Beer Fest at the Seaport World Trade Center, co-produced by the folks at Harpoon Brewery and Beer Advocate.  We met several local brewers, including Rob at Peak Brewery, Gwen at Berkshire Brewing Company and her brother Dave over at […]

CSA Applications due in January

2012 CSA applications are due back with your 10% deposit in January.  This ensures that we will have enough seed and livestock to supply your family for the year.  We have standard credit-based shares (full and half) as well as Free Range shares available.  All […]