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Today we harvested our first microgreens here on the farm.  We will be offering them throughout the year to chefs and home cooks alike.  We’re starting with pea shoots and tendrils, sun(flower) shoots, radish shoots, and dill shoots.  But of you are a chef, send us your special requests.  We’ll even talk to you about growing custom microgreen mixes, too.  Give us a call or send an email for pricing.

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Market Garden

Market Garden

This weekend we started preparing our market garden area by spread silage tarps to kill and compost the grass and other pasture plants.

Next spring, we will made 100′ beds in which to plant a variety of heirloom vegetables.  The perimeter and central paths will be planted with edible hedges and vine fruits.

On the northeast corner, the first of our high tunnels will be built.

If you would like to support this project and help provide a scholarship for a permaculture student, please click here.

Making the most of your probiotics

By now you have surely heard about how important it is to regain and maintain the health of your digestive tract, or gut.  It is important to limit caffeine and sugar as well as highly processed foods.  Adding homemade bone broths daily, increasing your intake…

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New Production Greenhouse

New Production Greenhouse

Back on 29th April, the Feast of St. Catherine of Siena, Brian and our son William began bending hoops from which to build a long-awaited production greenhouse.  A little over a week ago, our oldest son, Jack spent two days here building the end walls and helping his Pa and brother cover it.  With the generous donation of plant tables made by our long-time friends and fellow farmers, we now have the means to nurse cuttings and small plants, mainly lavenders and other herbs for medicine, cooking, and dyes.

It isn’t large enough for growing off seeds and seedlings, we will still need to hire that out.  We are blessed to have that service available from another farm not too far from here.  This small production greenhouse is a significant step forward for us and we are grateful for this great blessing!