The Gadbois Family


We bought our farm in Barre in 2011, after several years of searching for a place in which to raise dairy goats, sheep, poultry, organic produce, and our growing family.

BRIAN:  Is an engineer by education, and a Roman Catholic deacon by vocation.  He is the farm’s project manager.

NISSA: Has worn many hats.  She is a PINA certified permaculture designer and teacher, and a student herbalist.  She is responsible for the farm’s design and sales and marketing on the farm

CATHERINE: Works full time at a local café, and is a photographer.  She is our record-keeper; tracking livestock breedings, births, milking records, supply and feed purchases, and more.  Cat is looking forward to creating a line of natural dyed yarns from our wool

PAUL: Is Catherine’s husband.  He works full time for a local company and lends a capable and willing hand with whatever needs doing on the farm from manual labor to organizing tasks.

ANDREW: Our oldest son, works for a local restaurant full time.  He is responsible for choosing and planning vegetable crops, saving seeds, and researching new varieties to trial.  He is exploring butchery and charcuterie and looking forward to bringing pigs and geese back to the farm.

CAROLINE: Works part time at a local café.  She helps out with tasks at home.  She loves the sheep, and they love her, too.

WILLIAM: Likes to work alongside Brian, helping with whatever task needs to be done.  He has become a great help with heavy jobs and has a keen interest in the repair and maintenance of the farm machinery.

NICHOLAS: Enjoys helping with clearing brush and is looking forward to helping with the gardens.

OLIVIA: Likes everything to be neat and tidy, and learning the names of things she sees on the farm.

SOPHIE: Is an eager worker, the first to spot a new-lain egg, and a fearless goat-wrangler.

LOUIS: Is keen on all things mechanical – tractors, implements… and trains.  He can tell you what a machine is, what it is for, and how it is powered.

JAMES: Is a world-class haystack climber, and does his best to try moving bales that weigh as much as he does.  He is a budding bookkeeper, keeping track of invoices and accounts receivable for our restaurant accounts.

JOSÉPHINE: Enjoys gathering flowers and berries, and was a favorite of two of our Oberhasli does: Mattie and OJ.

GEORGE: Enjoys tagging along, taking in all of the activity on the farm, especially those happening outdoors in the fresh air.

We farm because we believe in the healing power of foods grown from heirloom seeds in soil that is alive, from animals raised on wholesome species-appropriate forages, and mindfully prepared.  We have experienced that healing firsthand.  Our youngest children can’t tolerate pasteurized cow’s milk, but have always done well on raw milk, especially goat’s milk.  Nissa has successfully managed a debilitating auto-immune disease through a diet of fresh, organic foods prepared carefully at home.

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