Grand Designs

Ever since we bought the farm in 2011 – even before the purchase was final – we have striven toward a permaculture model.  There was (and still is) a lot to learn and to try.  But this winter, I (Nissa) completed a permaculture design certification program from Oregon State University under the instruction of Andrew Millison, and simultaneously completed a comprehensive design of the entire farm. I am currently working on detailed designs of each element.  I will be offering classes on Permaculture Basics and developing a permaculture design course.  We will also be offering hands on projects primarily for those with some knowledge of permaculture.  These projects will include earthworks, plantations, and natural building projects.  And of course there will be ample opportunity for hands-on learning in the daily operation of the farm.  All of these and more will be posted to our learning page.  Be sure to join our mailing list for information on when these and other classes, workshops, and events are scheduled.  And we sure would be tickled if you supported some of our upcoming fundraisers to defray the costs of materials, and to offer scholarships to prospective students.
(for more detailed description of this design, click here)