Life is Sweet! PREORDER your Maple and Birch Syrups


Who loves real syrup?

Sugaring season is coming up in just a few weeks and we have an opportunity to purchase a small used sugaring equipment outfit not far from the farm. We need to raise the funds right away to go and pick it up. We will reserve you a gallon of finished maple syrup or three pints of birch syrup in the spring for $50. We need to pre-sell 60 gallons of maple or 180 pints of birch by the end of this week. We can do that right? Tell all your friends and dear families – we can ship anywhere.

Circumstances necessitate our transition to full-time farming right away. The company Brian contracts for is drawing down and preparing to move out of state. One full sugaring season replaces a significant portion of Brian’s current income.

UPDATE – New Goal::  

Last weekend (Feb. 8th), we drove out to pick up our new-to-us sugaring equipment!  We have decided to leave our pre-orders open until we start sugaring in March in order to raise enough to get our dairy equipped and licensed.  With the pre-sale of 60 more units, we can get our dairy equipped with milking machine, bulk storage tank, 3 bay sink, and some more goats.  And all of that will mean that we can get licensed as a dairy in Massachusetts.  The dairy would have the potential of replacing 60-70% of Brian’s former income during the milking season.

Thanks to everyone who has already pre-ordered syrup, to everyone who has shared this link, and to everyone who has prayed for our success.  You are amazing and we are so grateful.

If you want to see the sugaring process, please join our mailing list and watch for the start of the sugaring season.

Thanks everyone and God bless!

PREORDER your birch syrup here.

PREORDER your maple syrup here.